Zoom App Windows 10 Download Free Meeting for Desktop

Zoom App Windows 10 Download is a free conference app to work, when making a group call you can add 50 people, and if you use this app in the premium version you can chat via video conference calls as many as 500 people.

Zoom App Windows 10 Download

When you are in the video conference call Zoom app, and your Internet connection is very weak, Zoom will still keep your video calls running with lower video quality. This App is very lightweight for computer resources and consumes considerable CPU usage during a call.
Zoom app can record video calls with long duration, or save conversations in text chat, screen sharing, set to display screen or simply select the running app, make a call schedule, chat with your contacts or connect to the conference room.

Zoom App Windows 10 Download

Zoom app can connect as many as 50 people when meeting with HD and audio video quality, screen sharing. You can create scheduling with an online calendar, other features such as whiteboards, attention indicators, screen sharing, local recordings, and camera filters.

How to Download and Install Zoom App for Windows 10

Here you can download and install Zoom installation files on PC easily.

  1. Open the favorite browser you often use to browse on computer Windows or Mac to process download Zoom.
  2. Download the installation file Zoom App Windows 10 with the official website.
  3. You must select Save file Zoom on the computer or you can directly to run the file.
  4. After downloading Zoom is complete, click the exe file to perform the installation process on your computer.
  5. You will be directed to perform the process installation Zoom on the desktop.
  6. When you finish opening the Zoom on your computer to use.

Zoom app for PC Windows 10, 8, 7 32 bit or 64 bit. This is the best free video conferencing app, features that have zoom such as video call with long duration, screen sharing, make call schedule, Whiteboard, attention indicator, and video call recording.

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